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    Legends In The Bedroom

    Hard to believe but Christina Carter and Eva Karera have never worked together before, and how lucky are we to bring you their first encounter. They fought it out in the living room, now these two legends in the industry devour each other in the bedroom. Once again, we decided that with two beauties who’ve been around the biz for a while, why yell “cut”? This is one of those Xtreme cases where the girls really liked each other, so we let Christina and Eva just go at it and I’m here to tell you, that ideology makes for the best scenes. We start with Christina dominating the action, and she pretty much takes over from there. Throwing Eva on the bed Christina starts aggressively tribbing to the delight of both girls.. Pussy pounding is next as Christina keeps on the attack. Let me just say, these two have PERFECT PUSSIES and the close up shots of those two beautiful works of art slamming into each other is a sight to behold. The action heats up as fingers, tongues, and bodies pleasure each other in the most erotic scene you’ll see. Christina is the dominant one here and she lets Eva know it by planting her beautiful bootylicious ass on her face. Forward and reverse Christina Carter facesitting is worth the price of admission alone and Eve does her duty, voraciously licking and eating Christina’s pussy. Orgasms abound as both girls cum multiple times. But wait, Christina’s not finished. It’s strap on time! First Christina makes Eva suck it to get it nice and ready for insertion. Christina then proceeds to fuck Eve doggie style pulling her hair back as she thrusts DEEP into her. After Eva is ridden hard, Christina lays down and has Eva ride her from above. Can you say massive orgasm? Yep, that’s what’s happening here, over and over. But there’s MORE! Christina then takes out her mouth dildo, places it on Eva’s face, lays her down and rides the mouth dildo to a final overwhelming orgasm. Completely satisfied and spent, Eva crawls out of the room and Christina gives her a swift kick in the butt for good measure. Finally Christina treats us all to a final solo masturbation scene. Christina Carter, Eva Karera, two legends finally getting together, and this is the only place you’ll get it. Great action, real orgasms, perfection personified!