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    Wow, so many of you loved this second match with Aaliyah Love and Misty Stone where they had the spit in the face then fighting, where Misty finally beat her… so now we have Misty getting her prize and that’s the blonde as her sex slave and oh does she love to control Ms Love. First she drags her to the bedroom where she torments her on the floor before throwing her on the bed and getting out the dildo that is thrust deep into her sweet pussy. Then she forces the cute blonde to give her oral sex while she bangs her with the dildo — then to the bathroom where in the shower she can demand more sex, good wet fucking invigorates Misty so now she drags the blonde back to the living room where she can pound her slave hard on the couch - nobody can be more dominant than Misty Stone and no one looks sweeter getting dominated than Aaliyah Love — hell she even makes a phone call while enjoying some deep oral tonguing. Misty’s black skin seems to shine by the end as joy radiates off of her and the white skin of Aaliyah looks even paler as she is forced to live with the outcome of her defeat. That’s the black and the white of it when gangs fight !!!!!