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    Sex Fight With Reckless Abandon

    You’ve all enjoyed the explosive rivalry in our match ups between Christina Carter and Reagan Foxx. These have been EPIC fights and the two not only have sexual chemistry together, but an inherent competitive nature. Does this stem from the similarity in their looks? One always wanting to best the other? Whatever brings the two to a boiling point is a beautiful thing for all of us. This match is something totally different for the two of them. The rules are simple. Both will sex fight and make the other orgasm as much as they can. No time limit!! The one who just can’t orgasm anymore will be the loser and has to pleasure the winner with, you guessed it, ANOTHER couple of orgasms!! Wait till you witness what it’s like when two titans in the business clash in this manner. They start in black bra, panties, stockings and garters. The stocking and garters are even attached to each other, bringing the two just inches apart. At first it’s all lovey dovey. Reagan and Christina deep kiss and play with each other as they remove their lingerie. Once the lingerie is off, then so are the gloves! The two, nude, big created battlers tear into each other with face sitting, HARD finger banging, mutually pleasing each other with pussy eating, tribbing, grinding and tit smothering. Lots of slapping, choking, biting, and spanking. The sparks fly as each girl tries to orgasm the other, without orgasming herself. But with Christina and Reagan, we all know that’s impossible. Pussies are so sensitive, fingers and tongues find their targets over and over. It’s an intense fight as we witness two of the best make each other cum and cum! Another great title in the Christina Carter Reagan Foxx series!