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Ever dream of watching hot girls battle to orgasm? Xtreme Female Fighting showcases the best and most beautiful women in the adult entertainment industry in no-holds - and no-holes - barred action. Click on any of the photos below to see high-resolution images from our latest sex-packed matches. The beautiful women featured in these photos are just a small sample of the many gorgeous adult stars, female wrestlers, fitness models, centerfold girls and all-around smokin' hot women coming your way. And when we say "coming," well, you know what we mean. You won't believe your eyes when you see what these girls will do to get off!

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Xtreme Female Fighting Xtreme Female Fighting Xtreme Female Fighting Xtreme Female Fighting Xtreme Female Fighting

XFF-0042 - Featuring JC, Prinzzess & Christina Carter

Get the towels ready cause we are getting WET!! What happens when 3 hotties like JC, Prinzzess, and Christina Carter go to a pool party, and decide to settle who's the prettiest pool babe in the ring. Let's say we needed the water in this match to cool down the hot wrestling, fingering, and rubbing that went on. Two girls square off against each other while the third girl refs. They are heavily watered down before the action starts. It's slip and slide time as the object of the match is to make the other cum. The score is tallied on a white board and the action heats up. Fingers find their pussy targets and wrestling holds abound. More and more orgasms happen and more and more water is added by the ref. This is the epitome of a "wet" match The sexy beauties get into a round robin wrestling match so every girl has a chance to pleasure, and torture, the other. The action is so hot and wet that the referee has to masturbate and can't contain herself. Scissors, chinlocks, facesitting and chokes are all on the menu as the girls get doused with more and more water. See what happens when all three attack each other at the end. This is POOL PARTY PUSSY to the MAX!!

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Xtreme Female Fighting Xtreme Female Fighting Xtreme Female Fighting Xtreme Female Fighting Xtreme Female Fighting

XFF-0041 - Featuring Melissa Jacobs & Tylene Buck

Melissa Jacobs and Tylene Buck, two of the best sex wrestles, because they both so love to be touched - to have their crotch grabbed, have their nipples licked and just feel a sleek feminine body slide across theirs. They not only like to receive but love to give as they both work their way into dominant positions; Tylene bends Mel's body into a match book and strokes her vulnerable pussy, Melissa really gets carried away on the blondes body; she scissors her then mauls her tender middle, then she sits on her back and Tylene's crotch and hard ass are just too inviting, but not only does she go for these targets but can't help messaging her own breast as she is just so turned on and Tylene reaches around for Mel's pussy. These two just can't keep their hands off each other. Melissa wraps her arms around the blonde allowing her to put that wet tongue to good use as she slides it over Tylene's now erect nipples, the ultimate sexual bear hug, then it's to the ground where she can go after her nipples and her pussy. Two of the best sex wrestlers - because they enjoy it so !!!!!!!

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